Progetto Life - Provincia di Prato


Main actions planned for the Prato Plains

  • Expansion of the present wetlands surface area in order to create suitable habitats for feeding, nesting and wintering of the target species of birds;
  • Recovery of lake shores and creation of buffer zones around the wetlands, to mitigate the negative impacts caused by various human activities and infrastructures;
  • Improving the management of wetlands in the Plain, their water levels and lake shores;
  • Expansion of Special Protection Area "Ponds of the Florentine Plain" (code IT5140011) to include the main wetlands present in the territory of the Province of Prato, useful for the conservation of species of birds and amphibians protected by the EC Directives;
  • Approval of a Natura 2000 Management Plan for the new SPA, in order to ensure a long-term commitment towards the conservation objectives.

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