Progetto Life - Provincia di Prato


Final report

The final report is a document, drawn up at the end of the EC-funded project, that summarizes all the activities carried out during its implementation.
Consists of an executive summary of the project and its main results, in Italian and English, followed by a description of the administrative aspects (management system, project phases), technical aspects (actions carried out, achievements), and financial aspects.
The Report and its annexes can be downloaded in .pdf format, by clicking on the links in the following table.

Download documents
Titolo Documento
Final Report Progetto LIFE NAT/IT/433 "SCI d'acqua" Download pdf document  4.9 Mb
Allegato 1 - Modalità di gestione oasi felina "La Bogaia" Download pdf document  134 Kb
Allegato 2 - Prescrizioni per svolgimento attività venatoria nelle aree umide Download pdf document 102 Kb
Allegato 3 - After LIFE Conservation Plan - Coordinating Beneficiary Download pdf document  2.3 Mb
Allegato 4 - After LIFE Conservation Plan - Associated Beneficiary Download pdf document  3.3 Mb


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