Progetto Life - Provincia di Prato


Threats, goals and locations

The main conservation threats for the protected bird and amphibian species in the area of the project are, by order of importance:

  • the loss of wetland areas due to failure to manage water levels and summer droughts;
  • insufficient protection status;
  • the change in use of the land and increasing segregation of the wetland areas within densely urbanised surroundings.

The main threat for the conservation of the target species Austropotamobius italicus and Cottus gobio is the deterioration of the quality of running water and the interruptions in the water course. The main goal of the project in response to these threats is to improve the conservation status of the Species of Community Interest (SCI) that are not adequately represented or are exposed to risks in the upper Apennine area and in the plain surrounding Prato.

There are two areas for intervention: the wetland areas remaining in the Prato plains, between the River Arno and the Ombrone Pistoiese, and some torrents in the Upper Apennine area between Prato and Bologna.

Click the following link to see the intervention areas: Location of the interventions


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